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When we first decided to home school, the first thing I did was research curriculum. Did you know there are SO many different types of curriculum you can buy for homeschooling? It was rather overwhelming. I spent days researching the different sets. But I kept finding myself going back to the same website because I felt like they had a set that would suit our daughter for Kindergarten.

If you haven’t heard of Alpha Omega Publishers, then you may not know about this curriculum. They have a few different sets but I seemed to like their LifePac set better than the others.

Here’s what I liked about LifePac and why I continue to use that set:

  1. They are affordable.
    1. Almost every set I researched was pricey. I had my budget set to spend no more than a few hundred on a curriculum. Their Kindergarten set only included Math and Language Arts but it was only priced at $99. I know that there are some free curriculum’s out there, but I felt better prepared if I had something laid out for me. I believe this set did a great job in helping my daughter for Kindergarten and I plan to use it again for our son in a couple years.
  2. They are Bible-based.
    1. When we officially decided to home school, we agreed that one of the main benefits of homeschooling was the fact that we could teach our children about God. So when I was researching curriculum, it had to be Bible-based. LifePac does a great job at discussing God throughout all their subjects, not just their Bible subject.
  3. They are student-led.
    1. The curriculum is designed to allow students to work independently. We are currently in their first grade set and my daughter can work independently most of the time. That’s a huge benefit to me since we have more that one child and I can’t be by her side constantly.
  4. They have great support.
    1. There was a time I had a question about the science materials and when to use them throughout the year. I was surprisingly amazed at how quick and friendly they were in helping me.
  5. They have kid-friendly content.
    1. The stories and graphics in this curriculum seems to be very up-to-date and interesting for my six year old. She seems to enjoy the books and pictures which is helpful in keeping her interested.

We plan to use LifePac again for second grade. I have no desire to switch curriculum’s anytime soon. As long as it keeps working for my daughter and me, then we will stick with their curriculum.

If you are looking into homeschooling your kids and you have been looking for a curriculum, try researching Alpha Omega Publishers LifePac set. I don’t think you will be disappointed. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

Our daughter showing off her Math quiz.


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