Our New Homeschool Room

Partial View of the Room

Most of last year we did upgrades to our house. One of those was our patio. We never used it and it was sort of an eye sore. So we framed it in and turned it into our homeschool room and office for me. This worked out much better because it was on the ground floor and closer to everything in the house.

I was able to design it the way that would work best for our family. We bought new desks to use in the room. All the desks were bought on Amazon. The kids love their desks and I love that the desks will grow with them (raise up). If you have thought about getting a desk for your child, I would recommend these!

States Decal and World Map

We also put a personalized decal from Etsy on the wall along with a states decal. The kids love that wall!

Dry Erase Decal

I tried to make use of every space in that room since it was a small room. Instead of a whiteboard, I just bought a dry erase decal to stick on the wall at sitting level. Now, my 7 year old practices her spelling words and my 3 year old practices letters. It worked out so much better than I pictured!

Calendar Wall

Later on, I added this decal above the door. Oh, the Places You’ll Go kind of tied into my theme of traveling the world.

Overall, we enjoy all aspects of the room so far and look forward to using it everyday!

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