Why I Use ABC Mouse To Help Me Home School

ABC Mouse

(I DO NOT make a commission from these links. ABC Mouse doesn’t have an affiliate program. But if you feel inspired to try ABC Mouse because of this post, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment!)

We started using ABC Mouse a couple years ago before we decided to homeschool. My daughter was four at the time and enjoyed the program. But at the time, we put our money into curriculum’s and gave ABC Mouse a break.

Our daughter is now in first grade and our son is almost three so I thought we would try it again since both children could access it. It’s been several months with ABC Mouse and it seems like they have updated it some! Both of our children play it daily and really enjoy their new apps that now come with it!

What is ABC Mouse?

ABC Mouse is an educational subscription for young children ages 2-8. Geared mainly for preschoolers but it’s for all early educational levels up to grade 2. Our daughter is half way through the first grade learning path and she still loves it. Our son is currently two but will be three in another month. He enjoys the app as well!

Here’s 7 Reasons Why Our Kids Love ABC Mouse:

(And why I love it too!)

    1. Interactive- It’s interactive and interesting! The graphics and story lines are enough to hold their attention. Very colorful and hundreds of things they can interact with.


    2. Assessments- They have a new feature that allows you to have each child tested on certain areas in their grade level. And if they don’t pass, it gives them several activities to do to help them with that topic. They do charge extra to have the assessment feature. Since we homeschool, I feel its relevant to us to have that feature available.
Our daughter doing an assessment on time-telling.
     3. Apps- This is probably mine and their favorite feature. I don’t remember them having this a couple years ago! But if you are a subscriber with them, you can download several apps for free that go along with their program. Our kids absolutely LOVE their Magic Rainbow Traceable app (even our two year old)! I LOVE that it has cursive tracing for our daughter and they can practice tracing basic sight words.
Our two year old tracing his favorite letter on the Magic Rainbow Traceable App that comes with ABC Mouse! This app allows cursive practice too!
    4. Doesn’t Cost Too Much- I understand that it’s definitely not free and there is certainly things online that you can get for free. BUT- our children absolutely LOVE the iPad’s. And as a parent, I feel guilty for letting them have too much technology time! By letting them have access to only educational apps, it makes me feel better about technology time AND it does help them learn while I can do other household duties! Having an educational app that doesn’t have ads is worth gold to me! And because we homeschool, paying the extra money for educational programs doesn’t bother me much as long as it’s working for them.
    They always offer the first month FREE! After that, subscriptions are less than $10 per month! They sometimes give deals if you pay for six months or a year all at once. We paid for the six month package.
    5. Incentives- For every learning activity that they do, they get tickets. They can choose to spend those tickets on fun things for their digital room, hamster, and other fun things. My daughter has literally more than 1,000 tickets she can spend but she loves the activities so much that she would rather do those!
You can see here how many tickets my daughter has collected.
    6. Learning Path- I love how they show a learning path on this program. It gives me a chance to tell my children how far they need to go each day. My daughter is required to do one whole learning path (to the next page) each day during our down time. When she completes that, she is allowed to spend tickets or play educational games and apps on ABC Mouse.
    7. Offline Activities- This is a favorite of mine as well. You can’t access all of ABC Mouse’s features without internet BUT there are several things they can do while offline. I love this for when we are homeschooling in the car or at our parent’s cabin with no internet.
Our daughters learning path. Notice the bar at the bottom showing how she is half way finished with their first grade curriculum.
        1. They do give discounts for homeschoolers if you sign up for an annual subscription. I was offered one the first time we tried it out but didn’t use it. I will be asking for a new code to try it this time though! Here is the link to their
    1. Homeschool Page.
      1. Have you been thinking about trying
  1. ABC Mouse
    1. ? It doesn’t hurt anything to take advantage of their first month free deal! I have a feeling you will love it as much as we do!

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