Our HomeSchool Routine

Ever wondered what I do all day? Come on, I know y’all do! I’m a stay-at-home mom who also homeschools. That gives the impression sometimes that we stay in our pajamas all day and watch tv. That’s not the case here. We try to stick to a routine.

I am one of those people that firmly believe a routine is important with raising children. When routine is messed up, it’s almost like the house erupts into chaos and everything is unbalanced. Other moms may understand that kind of disruption. So, at all costs, I try to stick to our routine.

Here’s how our school days unfold:

7:00– Wake Up (Yes, we actually set alarms) , Get Dressed, Brush Teeth, Make Up Beds, Feed Pets

7:30– Breakfast

8:00– Clean Up Breakfast / Jessica goes upstairs to the classroom and does her calendar, timed Math Facts with Alexa, Cursive Letter Practice independently.

8:30– Bible

9:00– Circle Time / Both kids sit with me while we do a color song, president song, states, Spanish, sign language, shapes, pledges, and numbers. Jessica does a Books of the Bible review.

9:30– Science

10:00– History

10:30– Math / While Jessica does math independently, I do some work with Drake. Letter sound of the week, read a book, write his name, Letter of the Week bag, and sight words.

11:00– English

12:00– Lunch

1:00– PE / We go outside to play. Ride bikes, jump ropes, skating, sand box, basketball, soccer. Some days we stay in if the weather is unpleasant or we are sick.

1:30– Drake naps. / Jessica finishes up any leftover school work. If nothing is leftover, she does a whole level of ABC Mouse on the iPad. I use this time to do housework and this is my break time.

3:00– Free Time / Once a week, we use this time to do a science experiment from our Magic School Bus kit.

4:00– Cook Dinner

5:00– Dinner Time

6:00– Family Time with Bradley

7:00– Bath Time

7:30– Bed Time / Jessica usually gets to set a timer on her TV for 30 minutes and goes to sleep by 8:00.

Then we start all over! We stick to this routine even on the weekends. It’s what makes our days run smooth.

In the mix of all of that, I do bookkeeping and invoicing everyday for our business. Believe it or not, somehow I usually manage to get all of that done. I think the coffee helps me power through!

We homeschool with Alpha Omega Publishers LifePac Curriculum. There are 10 units per subject in her first grade set. Each unit takes about 3 weeks to complete. We do school the first 3 weeks of every month and the fourth week, we take a break. We also typically take off the whole month of July and December, but do school the first 3 weeks of all the other months. So with that routine, we get more frequent breaks and I have time to prepare for the next unit.

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