10 Popular Questions I Receive About Homeschooling

We have been a homeschool family for about four years now (preschool through second grade) and I have been asked countless questions. I try not to take offense to some but rather use it as an opportunity to educate. Not very many people choose this route of education for their children, therefore they make assumptions.Continue reading “10 Popular Questions I Receive About Homeschooling”

FREE First Day of School Signs

Most parents adore these first day of school signs and I am one of those parents! Since I couldn’t ever find signs that are special to my children, I just custom made some myself. And because you are reading this post, you are lucky enough to get these editable signs for FREE! If you loveContinue reading “FREE First Day of School Signs”

How I Taught A HomeSchool Lesson While Hatching Eggs

(This post may have affiliate links. That means if you click on the link and purchase it, I receive a small commission.) Honestly, this is probably hands down the most exciting lesson we’ve done. We did this last year while our daughter was in Kindergarten. She enjoyed it almost as much as I did! LastContinue reading “How I Taught A HomeSchool Lesson While Hatching Eggs”

Why I Use ABC Mouse To Help Me Home School

(I DO NOT make a commission from these links. ABC Mouse doesn’t have an affiliate program. But if you feel inspired to try ABC Mouse because of this post, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment!) We started using ABC Mouse a couple years ago before we decided to homeschool. MyContinue reading “Why I Use ABC Mouse To Help Me Home School”

How I Home School During Bath Time

(This post contains affiliate links. By signing up under my link, I get a small commission.) Bath time is the perfect time for lessons! It is a great way to teach them while they are contained to one area and can’t easily run away. AND there are so many educational toys for bath time. WeContinue reading “How I Home School During Bath Time”

Why Hen Saddles?

Ariel, why are you dressing up your chickens? Ariel, why do your chickens have shirts on? Ariel, now I think you’re crazy. Yes, my chickens wear saddles. I’m fully aware that it looks like I’m dressing up my chickens. And to be honest, that’s a benefit of them because it makes them look so darnContinue reading “Why Hen Saddles?”


(This post contains affiliate links. By signing up under my link, I get a small commission.) When we first decided to home school, the first thing I did was research curriculum. Did you know there are SO many different types of curriculum you can buy for homeschooling? It was rather overwhelming. I spent days researchingContinue reading “AOP LIFEPAC”