10 Popular Questions I Receive About Homeschooling

We have been a homeschool family for about four years now (preschool through second grade) and I have been asked countless questions. I try not to take offense to some but rather use it as an opportunity to educate. Not very many people choose this route of education for their children, therefore they make assumptions.Continue reading “10 Popular Questions I Receive About Homeschooling”

FREE First Day of School Signs

Most parents adore these first day of school signs and I am one of those parents! Since I couldn’t ever find signs that are special to my children, I just custom made some myself. And because you are reading this post, you are lucky enough to get these editable signs for FREE! If you loveContinue reading “FREE First Day of School Signs”

How I Use Amazon’s Alexa To Help Me Home School

(This post contains affiliate links. By signing up under my link, I get a small commission.) If you’ve been around the internet long enough, you’ve certainly heard of the gadget Amazon has created called Alexa. We never heard of it until a couple Christmas’s ago when our parents gifted us one. If you haven’t beenContinue reading “How I Use Amazon’s Alexa To Help Me Home School”