The Chicken Coop

Y’all. I’ve had a crazy, stressful few months. I’ve taken up a babysitting gig for the summer on top of my already busy schedule. But, God is reaching out to me through it all and I’m gaining friendships that will last. I honestly believe that God sometimes gives you more than you can handle because He wants you to reach out to Him. And I’ve been doing just that.

During all of the chaos, my beloved Frizzle hen (Jane) was killed by a raccoon.

And it broke me. It wasn’t easy. I shattered. I ugly cried. Heck, I’m crying now because it’s resurfacing. That crazy chicken was my favorite. She was special to me. Her mom was one of my first chickens and she was also killed by a raccoon. But before she was killed, I was incubating some eggs and one of her eggs was in the bunch. I was so surprised to find one of her babies after her mom died. From then on, we all got attached to her. She was spoiled!

I told my husband I was DONE with chickens because the raccoons were fierce and I couldn’t protect them. I had homes for them that following weekend!

Y’all….this man told me that I wasn’t giving them away and demanded I message a handyman to build me a coop and fence for the yard! We had workers in our yard the next morning!

He instructed me to design a coop on paper the way I wanted it and print some pictures for the workers. I spent a couple days doing that while they built the fence.

Once I was happy with my design, I showed them and they built it exactly like I wanted. It’s strong and raccoon/fox proof! This coop is a palace for my chickens! They are happy hens and it makes me giddy inside!

It still needs a permanent roof on it and some little things that I want tinkered with, but I’m happy that they are safe!

Don’t be surprised to see baby chicks soon! I’ve already got some coming! The more the merrier, right?


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